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If you have invoices that are past due and have been unable to collect…
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My name is Jeff Taylor… I’m the owner of JMH & Associates.

We’re a professional collection agency that will get results for you quickly with zero financial risk or obligation.

Our team of dedicated collection agents will work on your behalf to:

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Here are what some of our clients have to say about their experience with us:

“Our organization utilized JMH & Associates as a final effort prior to writing off a bad debt from an account almost 2 years in arrears. Jeff Taylor was assigned our case, communicated progress on a routine basis, and successfully collected the outstanding amounts owed swiftly. The positive results exceeded our expectations. I enthusiastically endorse JMH & Associates and their efforts.” - Veronica Stack

“For many years, we have relied on JMH Associates to assist us in successfully navigating the challenges of Collection Negotiations. JMH has consistently kept our business on track and helped us to maintain our integrity. At the same time, JMH has also provided instruction in best practices for avoiding future collection difficulties.” - Dale Kopp

“JMH & Associates has my highest recommendation. 8 years of professional, effective, and timely collections!” - Kathy Hamilton, Manager at PSI

“I would highly recommend the services of JMH & Associates. Give them a try and you will be very happy with the results” - David Rogan, Manager at H&H

“Our company has used Jeff’s agency for collections for several years now and we are totally satisfied with his results. We would recommend his agency for all debt collections as well as other functions his office offers. Way to go Jeff, for all your great work.” - Nancy Patton, WM Burton Accounting

“Very thankful to JMH for the care and support received on collections, definitely would recommend” - Alex Martinez, Air Solutions

Are you ready to let us collect for you?

Give me a call right now at 818-902-1724… and let’s talk about how I can help you be free of the hassle of dealing with customers who don’t pay on-time.

The call is FREE… and you have NO RISK in hiring us to collect your past-due invoices.

If we do not collect for you, then you owe us nothing. You have NO RISK in letting us work to collect your old invoices.

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The call is FREE… and you have NO RISK in hiring us to collect your past-due invoices.

All the best,