Most frequent questions and answers


We do not charge until we Collect.

No Collection, No Fees Charged. Its that simple.

There are no sign up fees, annual fees or any payments in advance. There are no “hidden” fees.

We charge a percentage of any sums we collect.

When the debt is past due 3 -months old or older.

When your customer Plays Games, Tells Stories, Breaks Promises, Claims Filing Bankruptcy. These are all stall games played in an effort to avoid paying. It is time to send them to collection with no further delays.

We accept principle due of $500 and above. Exceptions can be made for volume placers.

We do not have a minimum or maximum number of files.  If you have 1 past due debtor or 100 we are here to help.

Sign and return our collection agreement

Submit a copy of outstanding debt via Internet, Email or Fax.

We need any document that states the debtors name, amount owed, address, phone number(s) email.

Documentation includes:


Statement of account

Copy of NSF check

Entry of Judgment

Promissory Note


The statute of limitations is different in every state.

Generally the debt needs to be 4 years old or less.


No problem.

Our Investigation team will use our agency resources and tools to uncover current location information for your customer.

We add daily interest to the debt.

Regretfully, collection agencies are not allowed to add their fees to the balance owed.

This has been decided by the Supreme court.