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Debt Collectors

We Collect All Debts

Including but not limited to: (Tap Here)
General Business Debts, Consumer Debts, Construction Companies, General & Sub Contractors, Accountants, Engineers, Manufacturers, Law Firms, Judgments, To Name a Few Industries We Serve

Collection Services Include

Debt Collection

Experienced Debt Negotiators Proven Collection System

Investigations aka Skip Tracing

In House Investigators and Nationwide Network of P.I. Provide Location and Asset Searches Free of Charge

Credit Reporting

If The Debtor Fails To Pay We Will Report Them to the Credit Bureau

Legal Action

Sometimes Legal Action is the only way to collect money owed. We know how to evaluate and will deliver clear and thoughtful insight so you can make an educated decision.

Why Choose JMH

Fast & Effective

20 years in business

Fast Path -Paid in Full Collection Method

We don’t ask to “get caught up” or  “good faith payments” We communicate for payment in full.

Persuasive & Persistent

Strong Listening Skills:                                                

Debtors tell you how to collect against them. You have to be trained to listen.

Detail Oriented:

We read your documents and are knowledgeable about you and your customer and the product or services provided.

Constant Contact with the Debtor.

Professional Demeanor

These are business transactions we do not get emotional.

Our Debt collectors are trained to be calm cool and Assertive not Aggressive. 

By taking control of our communications and maintaining the proper tone of voice we are in position of strength to negotiate for payment in full.


Customers reviews

What people say?

JMH & Associates has my highest recommendation. 8 years of professional, effective, timely collections!
Kathy Hamilton
Credit & Collections Manager Amtex
I would highly recommend the services of JMH & Associates.
Give them a try as you will be very happy with the results.
David Rosen
Credit Manager, History & Heraldry

Professional Debt Collections

♦ One Call – Paid In Full Collection Method

♦ You don’t pay until we collect

♦ Nationwide Attorney & Private Investigation Network

Time is Money
Time is Money. Dont Let Past Due Customers Waste Your time

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